Final Examinations

  • A final examination is any examination that takes place in the final examination period. 
  • All final examinations held during the final examination period are scheduled by the College Scheduler.
  • Students must be available for any examination scheduled during the examination period.

For the Winter 2020 semester, the final examination period will take place from:
Thursday, May 14th to Tuesday, May 26th.

New as of Winter 2018

The College will be using cellphone detection equipment in the exam halls. Students are not permitted to carry cellphones or other (unauthorized) electronic devices into the exam area. To do so will result in immediate disqualification.

For faculty

  • Teachers must be available to invigilate final examinations for their own courses.
  • Please visit the QAPO SharePoint site in the MyDawson portal for information about final examinations.

For students

  • Students have the obligation to inform themselves of the posted examination schedule. No special arrangements will be made in the event of personal time conflicts.
  • Some students with documented disabilities are eligible for special examination accommodations. Please contact the Student AccessAbility Centre for more information.
  • Students must have a Dawson ID card to be allowed into an exam.
  • A student may not enter an examination after one hour of that exam has elapsed.
  • Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules governing final exams. Click here to view the Final Exam Cover Sheet, which outlines these rules.

Last Modified: January 6, 2020