Course-Based Research

At Dawson, courses may involve projects, assignments or other activities aimed at exposing students to research methods and processes, in a given field of study, and helping them develop research skills. When such activities involve the recruitment of human participants, they are referred to as Course-Based Research (CBR) and are subject to ethics review in accordance with the TCPS 2 (2022).


A Dawson CBR guideline is currently under development.

In the meantime, please read Article 2.1 and Article 6.12 of the TCPS 2 (2022) Tri-Council Policy Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans.

Course-based research activities or projects are carried out by individual students, groups of students or, collectively, by an entire class as a requirement for a course.

Ethics review is required if data is collected:

    • from human participants recruited at Dawson or outside of Dawson.
    • through interviews, questionnaires or standard tests.
    • or through other established research methods specific to certain disciplines (e.g. observation of the behaviour of human participants).

CBR excludes:

    • activities carried out to help students develop technical skills specific to a profession.
    • research projects carried out by faculty members, as part of their own research programme, with students recruited as participants (see ethics review process page).
    • projects carried out by students for the benefit of the research interests of faculty members.

Please direct questions related to Dawson course-based research to the REB Coordinator.

Last Modified: August 1, 2023