Information Sessions

The Dawson Research Ethics Board (REB) will be hosting a series of information sessions on research ethics during the winter 2023 semester. These information sessions are open to all Dawson faculty and staff and will cover a range of research ethics topics including:

Government guidelines on research ethics and the role of the REB
Course-based research (CBR)
Risk assessment for research projects and proportionate approach to the ethics review
Ethics review process for research carried out by Dawson staff and teachers
Research exempted from ethics review by the REB

The last session in the series, Workshop on Risk Assessment and Proportionate Approach in Research Ethics Reviews, took place on May 17, 2023.

Training Resources

Government of Canada Panel on Research Ethics – EDUCATION

The TCPS 2 Tutorial: Course on Research Ethics (CORE-2022) is a self-paced educational and training resource designed for researchers, REB members and members of the research community. Although the Dawson REB does not require researchers and student-researchers to complete the tutorial at this time, it is highly recommended. When registering for the tutorial select Dawson College as your institutional affiliation and use your Dawson College email address.

MSSS – Didacticiel en éthique de la recherche

The MSSS Tutorial in Research Ethics was launched in 2005, and revised in 2012, this online tutorial was developed specifically for REB members and staff. While the online tutorial deals with numerous pertinent national- and international-level issues and texts in the regulation of ethical research, it focuses on those issues and texts that are of particular concern in the Quebec context.

ARC – Responsible and Ethical Conduct of College Research, a tutorial

The Responsible and Ethical Conduct of College Research guide and tutorial are intended to demystify the key principles concerning college research, responsible conduct of research, and ethical research involving humans.

Resources for Research Participants

Government of Canada Panel on Research Ethics – PARTICIPATING IN RESEARCH

The Panel on Research Ethics has launched two resources specifically designed for research participants.


Coming Soon.

Last Modified: August 1, 2023