Ethics Review Process and Forms


Application Process

Complete & Submit the Application Form

Complete the REB Application Form

Researchers are asked to ensure that all fields in the application form are complete. If the questions on the application form do not address the particular context of your research study, feel free to expand in the comment fields in the application form.

Include all relevant appendixes or documents (such as protocol, grant application, notice of award, questionnaires, surveys, recruitment materials, etc.) in your email submissions.

Once an application has been received, the REB Coordinator will conduct a preliminary review to ensure that the application is complete and sufficient for ethics review and determine the level of ethics review required. Incomplete applications will be returned to the researcher with recommendations for revision.

Once the ethics review is conducted (either Delegated or Full Board), the REB Office will issue a Review Letter no later than 5 business days after the Full Board meeting date or after receiving the delegated review(s).

Send the completed application form and all accompanying documents to

If you have any questions regarding REB forms, or the ethics review process contact the REB Coordinator at

Continuing Ethics Review & Annual Reporting

Should a study require modifications an Amendment Request Form must be submitted and the amendments must be approved prior to implementation.

Ethics approval is generally granted for a period of one year. Towards the end of this one year period, researchers are required to submit either a Continuing Review Form at least one month before the ethics expiration date.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to maintain ethics approval throughout the life of the study. Consequences of not maintaining ethics approval may result in the termination of ethical oversight. Consequences pertaining to the termination of ethical oversight include (but are not limited to) the suspension of research funds, and/or the suspension or termination of research activities.

Last Modified: March 24, 2020