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Be a part of Dawson’s 10th annual ScienceFest! Posters will be displayed and projects demonstrated in 3C.1 May 6-10 in collaboration with SPACE.

Note: Talks may be scheduled by coordinating faculty members from May 10-15 and will be accepted through faculty referral only.

Register here.

What is ScienceFest?

ScienceFest is an annual conference celebrating the knowledge, creativity and passion for learning science of Dawson College students. The conference showcases work, projects, and activities from across the Science, Medical Studies and Engineering (SMSE) programs and in collaboration with other Dawson College initiatives. It is a lively festival of science featuring sessions of talks, poster presentations, science-fair-style installations, live demonstrations and activities.

How do I get involved?

We encourage all students in any of the SMSE programs to get involved. Have you or are you about to complete an Independent Study Comprehensive Examination or some other independent project? Would you like to give a talk, present a poster or demonstrate a project from this academic year? Maybe you want to get involved in some other capacity? We are presently looking for student volunteers.


Options and detailed instruction will be provided upon acceptance for ScienceFest.

  • Poster presentation [May 6-10 in 3C.1]
  • Oral presentation [date to be determined, with a referral and coordination from a faculty supervisor]
  • Project demonstration [May 6-10 in 3C.1 in collaboration with SPACE, with a referral from a faculty supervisor]

Register here.

ScienceFest 2017 Conference Booklet Check out the student talks, posters and demo presentations from a previous year.

If you are a faculty member who has been involved with program activities or as a supervisor/mentor to student projects, we encourage you to inform your students of the opportunity to share their work.

ScienceFest/SPACE Photography Competition

Again this year for ScienceFest! Inspired by the SPACE theme of Uncertainty, students in all programs are invited to participate in the 6th annual ScienceFest Photography Competition.

A previous year’s Jury Prize was awarded to Celeste Groulx for “spilling colors”.  The picture was highly rated for its aesthetics,  scientific value and communication.


Who will be the winner this year?! For more information or to enter your photograph click here.

Robotics Hackathon

The Dawson Robotics Hackathon is a collaborative, interdisciplinary event where students work in teams to find creative solutions to a themed challenge. No experience will be necessary.

The themed challenge is Arduino-based and will involve the construction of a micro-robot designed to perform a task. Student teams (minimum 2, maximum 4) will be provided with a kit of components and precise instructions. For students who are not part of a team at the time of registration, we will try to match you with other participants to form a team. Registration is separate from the ScienceFest presenters form (see below).



Volunteers are always needed. Your participation could be formally credited for volunteering hours (Recognition of Student Involvement), and it looks good on your CV!

Student volunteers will primarily be tasked with mounting and unmounting posters in 3C.1.


For general inquiries and to find how to get involved, particularly for volunteers.

    If you know how you want to get involved. Check all that apply.

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