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English reading and writing skills


Does your mind wander when you read? Are you having trouble absorbing written course material? Do you think you read too slowly? These are some of the questions the professionals in the Academic Skills Centre can help you deal with. An appointment with an Education Advisor in the centre is free, easy and confidential.


    Language Skills Workshops:
    These small group sessions improve writing, reading and oral presentation skills; they are designed for all students.

    Speak/Read/Write Groups:
    These small informal groups assist ESL students to improve their English language skills.

    English BXE Peer Teaching:
    Students trained in the Peer Teaching/English BXE course provide other students with English language skills.

    Writing Tutors:
    Professionals hired specifically to help students with writing are available by appointment.

Grammar Handouts

For on-line materials and advice on preparing for the English Exit Exam click here.

To link to the Dawson Style Sheet (for Essay Writing and Bibliographies) click here.

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