Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications

A.E.C. Program LCA.6X
(885 hours) Full-time – Intensive – Day

Program scheduled to start:

  • October 03, 2022 - Applications closed. For questions, please email

Information Sessions:
  • TBD

Application deadline: TBD

Coordinator of AEC Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications
Angelo Papadatos
Office: 4D.13-B
Local: 4838
Coordinator of AEC Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications
Rosario Lo Raso
Office: 4H.7
Local: 4850

This is an Emploi Québec – Services Québec sponsored program. Please contact your district Emploi Québec – Services Québec office to arrange an appointment to see an agent who will determine if you meet their criteria.

RAC Service Available


Accounting is at the heart of business. It is an information system that measures and communicates information about the organization’s economic activities. Its objective is to help the decision-makers (managers, executives, investors, small-business owners, etc.) to make better decisions. There is a high demand for accounting technicians both in manufacturing and service-oriented firms in the context of both large and small organizations.

The Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications program has been designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in the field of Accounting, particularly with the use of computerized accounting systems.

Program Description

The graduate of this program will be able to support an accounting department of an organization in a clerical role by assisting in the bookkeeping functions and in the processing of data and information as well as in producing basic reports.

This program is intended for individuals who would like to acquire or update basic theoretical and computerized accounting skills or for individuals who are seeking employment in the field of accounting support.

Exit Profile

Upon successful completion of the program students will be able to:

  • analyze and process information in an accounting cycle
  • manage bookkeeping procedures
  • work in a computerized setting
  • manage supporting tasks
  • interact effectively in the context of different business situations
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Last Modified: July 25, 2022