NoteAll AEC programs are Tuition Free for Quebec Residents

Available this semester

Late applicants (those applying after the deadline date) can late-apply online, but will only be considered if space permits.

The use of computer networks in many small, medium and large enterprises has created demand for specialists who provide end-user support, as well as the day-to-day administration, maintenance, and support of computer systems and networks.

Program Scheduled to Start: October 07, 2019

Application deadline: August 04, 2019

Upon successful completion of the Independent Video Game Design Program, graduates will have acquired the skills and competencies to perform the tasks of an entry-level position related to the occupation of Game Designer in the Independent Video Game Industry.

Program Scheduled to Start: August 22, 2019

Application deadline: July 09, 2019

The Accounting Principles and Related Computer Applications program has been designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in the field of Accounting, particularly with the use of computerized accounting systems.

RAC Service Available

Program Scheduled to Start: October 07, 2019

Application deadline: August 04, 2019

Not available this semester


The goal of this program is to give graduating students the technical, visual and business skills to perform commercial tasks typically done by self-employed or staff photographers in a manner that meets industry and professional standards.

This is a program designed for individuals who are interested in providing interpretation services in Quebec, in healthcare and social services settings and in an English-speaking context.

This program focuses on the key networking technologies needed to plan, design and implement local and wide area networks. Graduates of the program will be employed as PC support specialists, network administrators and network designers.

This program focuses on commonly accepted client and networking operating systems and related equipment. The network administrator plans, designs, implements and administers the essential business systems. Students will be employed as PC support specialists and as network administrators. Due to the shortage of trained personnel, current employment opportunities are excellent.

The program is designed specifically to take students through the discrete development steps of an early-stage company or organization in the creative or cultural sector. The program will focus on helping students develop workplace and industry-wide technical competencies based on the dynamic model of customer discovery and product/service validation as well as using design thinking approach to problem-solving and opportunity identification.

Last Modified: June 3, 2019