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Why should academic integrity matter to you?

In order to act with academic integrity you must be honest and truthful in the preparation of your work. This means you will not use or otherwise appropriate the work of others and represent it as your own. Education does not have meaning in the absence of integrity.

In order for you to graduate, Dawson certifies that you have gained specified knowledge and/or capabilities and competencies as laid out in your programs of study. If you have not acquired this knowledge and these competencies because you have acted dishonestly, you may be incapable of carrying out your professional responsibilities when you enter the workforce. This has personal and societal costs which may be serious.

Students who have adhered to the principles and norms of academic integrity suffer from the activities of those who do not, and operate at a disadvantage in navigating the competitive world of academic and professional achievement. Moreover, widespread breaches of the norms of academic integrity devalue your certification and negatively affect the reputation of colleges and universities who issue them.

What you need to know

Last Modified: January 16, 2020