Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 13

You are warmly invited to the grand opening of the Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 13 exhibition on Thursday, February 15 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery of Dawson College (near the 4001 de Maisonneuve entrance). Come enjoy some wine, good company and thought-provoking artwork and writing.

An exhibition featuring the work of twenty current/recently retired members of Dawson College’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and one invited guest from the Photography Department, Kate Hutchinson. Exhibitors include: Claude Arsenault, David Baumflek, Amanda Beattie, Giuseppe Di Leo, Lois Eames-Valliant, Rachel Echenberg, Juan L. Gomez-Perales, Antonietta Grassi, David Philip Hall, Kate Hutchinson, Harlan Johnson, Julianna Joos, Lise-Hélène Larin, Naomi London, Andres Mihkel Manniste, Lynn Millette, Gilles Morrisette, Frank Mulvey, Natalie Olanick, Kristi Ropeleski, and Lorraine Simms.

Featured artists:
Amanda Beattie, Andres Mihkel Manniste, Antonietta Grassi, Claude Arsenault, David Baumflek, David Philip Hall, Frank Mulvey, Gilles Morrisette, Giuseppe Di Leo, Harlan Johnson, Juan L. Gomez-Perales, Julianna Joos, Kate Hutchinson, Kristi Ropeleski, Lise-Hélène Larin, Lois Eames-Valliant, Lorraine Simms, Lynn Millette, Naomi London, Natalie Olanick, Rachel Echenberg

Last Modified: March 16, 2018