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Sandra Smirle
Kite Mapping at Magdalena Fjord, 2017


General Fall and Spring Submissions

PLEASE NOTE that the gallery is currently scheduled until the Fall of 2025.  As a result, the Art Gallery Exhibition Committee is not accepting proposals at this time.

As part of its mission to inspire and educate Dawson students and community, the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery hosts 3 to 4 external exhibitions from curators or local, professional artists per year. Given this pedagogical focus, the gallery seeks artists who are available and interested in activities such as lectures, interviews, and workshops to introduce and contextualize their work. The college offers honoraria both for exhibiting and many of these pedagogical activities.

The gallery does not have a budget for the transportation of artwork, either within the city or from outside. Artists are expected to deliver their work, and be present and active during installation.

With the exception of punctual internal student exhibitions, all other projects are evaluated by the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery Exhibition Committee, which serves as the governing body for the gallery.

For more details, please contact Rhonda Meier at 514-931-8731 (3228) or rmeier@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

The gallery can be configured in a variety of ways by opening or closing three 8 by 8 foot swinging wall panels.  Please email us to request the plans.

Last Modified: June 20, 2024