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Sandra Smirle
Kite Mapping at Magdalena Fjord, 2017


General Fall and Spring Submissions

Composed of members of the Dawson Creative and Applied Arts Faculty and community, the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery Committee evaluates submissions biannually. The deadlines are October 15 and March 15 of each calendar year.

Proposals from artists and curators should, preferably, be sent electronically, and be MAC compatible.  EMAIL A SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT not more than 5 Mb total, with a maximum of 3 video links or 20 images. Jpgs of images should be no more than 1 Mb each.


  1. A project description
  2. A statement of artistic intent
  3. A curriculum vitae
  4. A corresponding list of images with title, date, size, and media
  5. A maximum of 20 images or 4 links to video or audio work (embedded in the PDF)


  • Submissions may be mailed, but they will only be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage:  Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery, 3040 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, Québec, H3Z 1A4
  • Group exhibitions must be curated or organized around a theme. Images representing the work of all participants must be included for the submission to be evaluated. The Art Gallery Committee will not accept incomplete applications.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Gallery Administrator, Rhonda Meier, at 514-931-8731 (3228)  or rmeier@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

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