Replay: 3D Animation and CGI, 10 years in the Making

Dawson’s department of 3D Animation and CGI is proud to present Replay, an exhibition celebrating its founding, and showcasing the work of past and present alumni, including Naomi Savoie (Square Enix), Valérie Lafrance (Cinesite), Stephanie Volpi (EA), Matt Desjardins (Squeeze Studio), Naomi Hibbert (Framestore), Cesar Belacora (Ubisoft) and Ian Cook-Grimes (MPC).

Featured artists:
Cesar Belacora, Ian Cook-Grimes, Matt Desjardins, Naomi Hibbert, Naomi Savoie, Stephanie Volpi, Valérie Lafrance

Last Modified: October 22, 2018