About Us

The goal of the Communications team is to uphold the reputation of Dawson College as a leader in the educational sector, through a variety of communication initiatives. We create strategic communication plans, manage digital and print content, plan College-wide events, regulate Dawson’s visual identity and much more.

If you have a Dawson story to share, please reach out to us! For media inquiries, please contact Communications Advisor Christina Parsons.

Megan Ainscow
Office: 4A.1-2
Local: 1352
Communications Advisor
Christina Parsons
Office: 4A.1-3
Local: 1354
Communications Officer
Carey-Ann Pawsey
Office: 4A.1-4
Local: 1032
Awards Officer
Jessie Evans
Office: 4B.1-13
Local: 1349
Communications Advisor
Stephanie Ricci
Office: 4A.1-1
Local: 1351
Information Technician
Christine Layne
Office: 4A.1-4
Local: 1346
Information Technician
Ron Resendes
Office: 4A.1-4
Local: 1347

Last Modified: February 8, 2023