Language Lab Quiz

Please answer the following 12 questions to test your understanding of the Lab’s functioning.

Read our Rules and Regulations to refer to the explanatory text.

When you’re done, click the “calculate final score” button. If necessary, modify your answers until you achieve a score of 100%.

1. When do the labs start this term?

A. Tomorrow.
B. The week of February 3, 2020.
C. Yesterday.

2. Can a student choose a lab session that takes place during scheduled class time?

A. Yes.
B. In some cases.
C. Absolutely not.

3. When does the student register for a lab session?

A. Every week.
B. In the middle of the term.
C. At the beginning of the term during the Intro Talk session.

4. What should the student do to get full marks for lab participation (depending on the teacher, attendance may count up to 10% of the final grade)?

A. The student should attend all lab sessions required by the teacher.
B. The student should attend the lab 20 times a week.
C. The student should attend the lab in the cafeteria.

5. What should the student always bring to the lab?

A. Nothing.
B. Cookies for the lab technicians.
C. The Dawson ID card as well as the lab manual and/or textbook.

6. What should the student do upon entering the lab?

A. Place the Dawson ID card inside the card deposit box.
B. Say Hi to all other students.
C. Wash his/her hands.

7. What should the student do after finishing the weekly lab?

A. The student should head to the lab’s control room (5E.15) to retrieve his/her scanned Dawson ID card.
B. The student should ask for a cup of tea.
C. The student should stay all day.

8. What happens when a student forgets to present the Dawson ID card?

A. Absolutely nothing.
B. The student will not get credit for having done the lab for that week.
C. The student will fail the course.

9. Is the student allowed to enter the lab once the doors are closed for the session?

A. No, absolutely not.
B. Yes, at any time.
C. Yes, if he/she has a good excuse.

10. What should a student do in case of: being late for more than 5 minutes or  having missed a scheduled lab for any reason?

A. The student should come back, within the same week, to a make-up lab session.
B. The student should not do anything.
C. The student should attend a make-up session the following week.

11. When are the make-up sessions?

A. Only on Fridays.
B. Every day, during the “make-up sessions” specified on the “Schedule” page.
C. Sorry, there are no make-up sessions.

12. If your usual lab time falls on a Wednesday, but that day has been scheduled by Dawson as “Friday classes”, do you still have to come to the lab during that week?

A. No.
B. You will be granted lab attendance regardless if you complete your lab or not.
C. Yes, all students must still complete the missed lab during that week.

Last Modified: December 19, 2019