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The Montreal Graph Theory Workshop is an informal and friendly research workshop, where people can exchange ideas and pursue new research ideas while learning about recent developments or forgotten conjectures which deserve attention.

The 2023 edition continues in the tradition of arguably the first iteration of the workshop in 2017, entitled Beauty of Discrete Mathematics. Participation is by invitation only. All invited participants are encouraged, but not required, to give talks of lengths either 20 minutes or 40 minutes. Given the nature of the workshop, we especially encourage talks which promote future research. The structure of the week-long workshop will include ample time to conduct research in self-directed groups.

The conference photo and available slides from the talks listed below can be accessed by participants through the link shared by email.


The workshop will be held May 29 – June 2, 2023.


The workshop will be held at Dawson College, centrally located at the edge of downtown Montreal. It is easily accessible by Metro (Station Atwater, which provides direct access to the college from the station platform) and by bus (many routes have nearby stops, notably line 24 from downtown).

Directions: Google Maps

Confirmed participants

This list will continue to be updated as participants confirm their attendance.

Beaton, Iain Acadia University, Canada Domination critical vertices 
Bernshteyn, Anton Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Borel line graphs
Bonato, Anthony Toronto Metropolitain University, Canada The Localization Game
Clarke, Nancy Acadia University, Canada  
Collins, Karen Wesleyan University, USA Partitions of the Split Block Lattice
Ellingham, Mark Vanderbilt University, USA Even cycles through specified vertices
Fujisawa, Jun Keio University, Japan Removal of subgraphs and perfect matchings in graphs on surfaces
Hahn, Geňa Université de Montréal, Canada  
Haxell, Penny University of Waterloo, Canada On Δ-critical graphs
Kardoš, František Université Bordeaux 1, France New reducible configurations for Barnette’s conjecture
Kingan, Sandra Brooklyn College, City University of New York, USA Deletable edges in 3-connected graphs
Lafond, Manuel Université de Sherbrooke, Canada On the characterization of pairwise comparability graphs
Lesniak, Linda Western Michigan University, USA On the necessity of Chvátal’s hamiltonian degree condition and other forcibly P degree conditions
Luo, Rong West Virginia University, USA Integer flows of signed graph
Maezawa, Shunichi Toyko University of Science, Japan Rainbow spanning tree reconfiguration
Marshall, Emily Arcadia University, USA  
Meger, Erin Queens University, Canada Decomposing forbidden minors in the game of cops and robbers
Messinger, Margaret-Ellen Mount Allison University, Canada The damage number of graphs
Ndiaye, Ndiamé McGill University, Canada  
Norin, Sergey McGill University, Canada Burning large trees
Ozeki, Kenta Yokohama National University, Japan H-coloring of 4-regular graphs
Paardekooper, Victor Université de Montréal, Canada
Seamone, Ben Université de Montréal and
Dawson College, Canada
Shan, Songling Illinois State University, USA Graph edge coloring and the Overfull Conjecture
Shantanam, Abhinav Simon Fraser University, Canada Pancyclicity in 4-connected planar graphs
Tabarelli, Gloria University of Verona, Italy Some results on the palette index of graphs
Trenk, Ann Wellesley College, USA Split Graphs and Block Representations
Turcotte, Jérémie McGill University, Canada Finding dense minors using average degree
Vetta, Adrian McGill University, Canada  
West, Douglas B. U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA;
Zhejiang Normal U., PR China
Sharp lower bounds for the number of maximum matchings in bipartite multigraphs
Zamfirescu, Carol T. Ghent University, Belgium  


For registration information, please refer to the email sent by the organizers. If you do not have this information, please contact the organizers. The registration fee covers attendance at the event, all morning/afternoon coffee breaks, and the conference dinner (May 31, 2023, at La Prunelle).


Preferred rates are available to workshop attendees at the nearby Hotel 2170. Studios with one queen bed (max 2 occupants) are available for $149/night plus applicable taxes. This rate includes internet access and a buffet breakfast. Participants may book rooms directly through the hotel’s website or by phone (1-800-678-6323) but will require a code to receive the discounted rate. Please contact the conference organizers if you do not have the code. Note that the preferred rate is available only to those who book no later than May 1, 2023.

Dawson College is conveniently located in relation to Montreal’s subway system (Metro), so any accommodations in downtown Montreal are worth considering through the usual booking sites. Note that some Montreal hotels now give better rates when booking with them directly.

About the city

Montreal is a vibrant tourist destination year-round, but is especially pleasant during summer months. Here are some links which you may find relevant during your stay.

  • Tourisme Montreal is the official tourism bureau for the city.
  • Montreal is well-known for its food. Eater Montreal is an excellent general resource for where to eat in the city.
  • For those looking for history and culture, here is a (subjective) list of Montreal’s top museums.
  • If you are particularly interested in the performing arts, Place des Arts is the marquee destination; among other things, it houses the world-class Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. However, the total options are too numerous to list (you can start searching/browsing for events here).
  • You may wish to check out our Public Markets.
  • Parc Mont-Royal, located in the heart of the city, offers hiking trails and year-round events.


Coordinators: Gena Hahn (Montreal), Ben Seamone (Montreal), Carol T. Zamfirescu (Ghent)

We are grateful to Dawson College and the Fonds Professor Frans Wuytack for their financial support of this event.

Last Modified: June 12, 2023