A Moment of Pause

Sometimes, we need to take a moment to reorganise our thoughts, to take a deep breath, and to simply exhale. Neuroscience tells us that when we are in Nature, even for a few minutes, our brain reacts and our bodies automatically relaxes. We become instantly calmer, and with our minds refreshed, we can continue to tackle the difficult subjects, and to work on creating a sustainable, just, and peaceful society.

These short 1-minute videos offers you that needed break to reimagine ways to step outside of the box, to rebuild our relationship with our environment, and to reconnect with Nature and with each other.

We will be posting Nature Minutes everyday. If you have one to contribute, feel free to send a 1 minute mp4 video to Diana Rice. And while we often think that ‘urban’ and ‘nature’ are antithetical and can never be harmonised, feel free to show how Urban Nature is alive, thriving, and accessible, even in Downtown Montreal.

All videos should focus on Nature, with minimal human interaction, and be no longer than 60 seconds.

A very special thanks to Chris, Jenn, Megan, and all the wonderful volunteers.

Last Modified: August 24, 2021