Grant Application Process

Intent to Apply

As soon as you have selected a funding agency, please contact the Research Office to inform us of your intent to apply.

The research officer can help with understanding eligibility requirements, provide information on internal policies and procedures, assist with budget preparation, and provide feedback on the grant proposal prior to submission.

Grant proposal preparation services and other research related services are subject to the availability of the research officer. Therefore, if you intend on applying for a grant, please be sure to notify the Research Office at least one (1) month before the agency deadline. Earlier is always better.

Internal Approval Process

The academic dean and/or their delegate must review and approve all research grant proposals submitted through Dawson as the administering institution or partner institution before being submitted to a granting agency.

In order for your grant proposal to be reviewed and approved, the full submission-ready application must be sent to the research officer at least ten (10) business days before the official agency deadline. Applications requiring translation will have to be submitted earlier; see Translation Services section below.

You may send your grant proposal application directly to the research officer for review via email, or if supported by the agency, you can submit your proposal through the agency online submission portal. Please note that applications submitted after the internal deadline may not be reviewed and approved in time.

During the internal review process, the research officer will:

    • review the application and ensure it is complete;
    • proofread the application package;
    • ensure that the budget is feasible and accurately reflects the funding needs;
    • verify that College commitments are reasonable and tenable.

If edits are required, the research officer will follow up with comments and suggestions within four (4) business days.

Once an application is deemed complete, the research officer will forward the application package to the appropriate signing authority for final approval and signatures, if required.

Translation Services

The Office of Academic Development (OAD) is committed to helping researchers prepare the strongest possible funding applications, and as such takes the translation process very seriously. The OAD maintains a network of certified translators on a contractual basis to translate research grant proposals or parts thereof.

Grant proposal translations are funded through the Canada-Québec Agreement for Minority-Language Education and Second-Language Instruction (the Canada-Québec Entente), which stems from the law promoting the two official languages, French and English.

The internal deadline for applications that require translation is twenty (20) business days before the funding agency’s deadline.

Please contact the ECQ coordinator for more information.

Last Modified: March 25, 2024