The Research Coordinator is available to help you at any stage of research, whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been doing research at Dawson for decades.

After you have been awarded a grant, you have responsibilities throughout the life-cycle of your research. Each agency has specific reporting requirements, eligible and ineligible expenses, and researchers must also comply with Dawson’s internal policies and procedures. For a step by step guide to grants administration at Dawson, including how to purchase supplies and equipment, travel reimbursement policies, and hiring personnel, please consult the Financial Guidelines page.

Are you working with human participants throughout the course of your research? If so, you are required to have certification from the Dawson Research Ethics Board. Please check out the REB website for details on research ethics review process.

Do you have any questions about Research at Dawson? Consult our FAQ. Do you need to hire a translator? Please review our Translator Hiring Practices.

If you would like reciprocal borrowing privileges at other universities, you may apply for a BCI card, which gives you access to documents located at McGill, Concordia, UdeM and UQAM libraries.

Are you looking for additional tools? If so, check out our Resources link.

Last Modified: July 18, 2019