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Claude Arseneault

Department of Studio Arts

Claude Arseneault has earned a B.A. in Arts Education, a M.A. Arts Education and a Master’s of Education from McGill. Claude has taught at Dawson for over 20 years. A printmaker by training Claude, has had an extensive exhibition record participating in group shows related to printmaking in Canada and the USA. Her most recent shows include Gravures en liberté (2007) ,Un Conte (2006), and Partie liée (2006). A member of GRAFF ,she is also president of ARPRIM(Conseil d`administration du regroupement pour la promotion de l`art imprimé). Currently, she is experimenting with eco-friendly screen printing products for silkscreen and non-toxic water-based inks for intaglio to make the printing process safer for students and more environmentally friendly.

Last Modified: November 18, 2015