Sameer Bhatnagar

Department of Developmental Science, Exploration Science

Sameer is a PhD student in the department of Computer Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada, under the supervision of Michel Desmarais. His research is focused on developing tools for teachers to find structure and pedagogical insight in the bodies of natural language texts produced by their students.
He has been a physics teacher at Dawson College since 2009. He joined the SALTISE Physics education research group, wherein he worked on the development and deployment of DALITE, a web-based learning environment centred on delivering peer instruction online. The team’s current PAREA research focus is on how Big Data in Education can help institutions promote student success and perseverance.

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  • Bhatnagar S., Desmarais M., Whittaker C., Lasry N., Dugdale M., Lenton K., Charles E., An analysis of peer-written and peer-reviewed rationales from an asynchronous peer-instruction learning environment. 2015 International Conference on Educational Data Mining: Madrid, Spain.
  • Charles, E.S, Whittaker, C., Lasry, N., Dugdale, M., Lenton, K., Bhatnagar, S., Guillemette, J. Taking DALITE To the Next Level: What have we learned from a web-based peer instruction application Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2014). International Society of the Learning Sciences: Boulder, CO.


  • MEng., McGill University, 2008
  • BEng., McGill University, 2005

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