The office of Academic Development funds extra-curricular and in-curricula projects that involve direct student participation and/or takes a new or creative approach to pedagogy and student skill development. For more information about SSAP,  please select the appropriate link on the right hand menu and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


September 2019

Visual Arts [][] Meet and Mingle 2019

September 9th - 9th, 2019

The Visual Arts Program is organizing a pizza party with the intention of bringing together our 1st and 2nd year Visual Arts Program students, along with the Fine Arts Department faculty. We did this last year and it was so successful that this year’s 2nd year students have requested that we do it again because…Read More

IDA : Illustration Design, 3D Production Arts : Conference 2019

September 21st - 21st, 2019

3 industry professionals will be speaking about the early struggles and later triumphs in their careers. See them break down their work and ask them questions. This event is open to students and professionals alike. Students will see an artistic process and demonstration live, a discuss of entry into professional artist careers that span many…Read More

October 2019

Open Studio Life Drawing Weekly Drawing Sessions 2019-20

September 9th, 2019 - May 11th, 2020

The Open Studio Live Model project is an essential part of our students’ life drawing practice. It provides all students with an opportunity to practice their drawing skills and refine their observational abilities while drawing from live models. These weekly drawing sessions enables students and alumni to keep up with their sketching skills and also network with each…Read More

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