SSAP Projects


February 21st, 2015

CRC Robotics 2015

CRC is an annual robotics competition open to high schools and CEGEPS. The objective is to build a robot, themed kiosk, and website. This year the objective was to pick up and launch balls into various containers in order to win points. This year, we had the participation of nine students from various programs including:...
January 3rd - 15th, 2015

Trip to Costa Rica

Trip to Costa Rica 2015
This past academic year 17 students and 3 biology teachers travelled to Costa Rica. One of the main objectives of this trip was to introduce students to the wealth of biodiversity in a tropical area as well as bring attention the various adaptations of the different organisms to their particular environments. The students had the...
October 24th - 26th, 2014

Science and Societé 2014

We had a total participation of 6 students participate this year. Once again, Dawson was the only English college represented. One student will probably do his independent CE linked to the trip. Because I did not attend the conference this year, all I have are comments from students and teachers. Attached are some photos of...
October 21st - November 25th, 2014

McGill Mini Med

McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine hosts an annual conference that entices young aspiring students to learn from the experience of those practicing in the field. This year’s lectures were centered around epidemiology; with specific topics involving disease, medication and childbirth. This provides a wonderful opportunity for aspiring medical doctors to find out about the realities...

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