Moby Dick Field Trip

March 16th - 18th, 2019

This field trip consists of a trip to New Bedford, MA, the setting for Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, for students in the Moby Dick Reflectioins class. In addition to being the setting of Moby Dick’s beginning scenes, New Bedford, MA, was also one of the two or three most important seaports in the United States in Melville’s time. It was also the center for the whaling industry. The field trip involves a journey by tour bus (approx. 6 hours’ travel time), a stay of two nights at a hotel, with one full day spent in New Bedford, and two travel days. New Bedford’s historical district, consisting of about ten blocks square, is now a National Park. At its center is a whaling museum, which we will tour. We will also be participating in a guided tour at the museum focusing strictly on Moby-Dick, and tailored as much as possible to our study of the novel in Reflections.

Last Modified: March 1, 2019