Science on Tourne 2018

May 4th - 5th, 2018

The 2018 edition of Science, On Tourne! challenges students to build an autonomous, mobile machine that catapults badminton birdies into target areas.

The winning team from the Local Dawson competition will be sent to the Finals held at Cégep de Granby on May 4 & 5. The local Dawson competition will have teams from Mechanical Engineering Technologies as well as numerous Science students.

Project Update

This year's challenge was entitled "L'as du volant". The challenge was to build a machine capable of moving while catapulting badminton birdies toward a target area divided in scoring zones. With the introduction of open source robot programming software, like Arduino, the teams were able to achieve a level of control of their vehicle never seen before in a Science on Tourne competition.

Nearly twenty teams, both from science and from mechanical technology, have participated in the local competition, which took place on April 06, 2018. A contingent of teacher volunteers, performing judging and other support duties, have enabled the competition to run smoothly and efficiently. In the end, four prizes were attributed to outstanding teams:

The Challenge prize: Highest score - Luis Sanchez, Juan Cheng Li, Razvan Ivan
Eco-responsibility: re purposing recycled components - Jare Bolofer, Jimmy Jr. Ozaeta, Kayle Jane Movida Ingenuity: Original and clever design - Bryan Crofton, Gioacchino Salvagio
Communication: both oral and written - Etienne Rousseau, Thomas Leclaire

Overall, the April 06 event was a great success! But that was not the end of the story. On May 03, Luis Sanchez, Juan Cheng Li and Razvan Ivan were in Granby, representing Dawson College in the provincial competition. Their vehicle, which had achieved a perfect score in the local competition (see video below), was a serious contender for the grand prize. The trio from Dawson performed admirably well, and even though they did not succeed in securing the trophy, they did win an equally important prize: communication, and a very exciting reward: a trip to Paris! This is especially impressive, considering the oral and written presentations were done in French. It is a great achievement that a team from an anglophone Cegep earns the prize.

Last Modified: June 5, 2018