Department & Program Projects

Each Fall, Writing in the Disciplines at Dawson supports one or two department and program-based projects focused on writing, critical thinking and active learning in the disciplines.  Building on the college-wide presence of WID Writing Fellows and our regular workshops, these projects provide WID support for innovations in instructional and curricular design. 

Projects are formulated around specific objectives:

  • Develop and share new discipline-specific curricular materials that exploit the link between writing and critical thinking
  • Develop and share knowledge about new instructional approaches (eg. in-class writing, use of sources, effective peer review, new writing technologies, etc.)
  • Assess and report on the achievement of program-level competencies in writing and communication
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on the development of writing and critical thinking skills across sequences of required courses
  • Conduct and report on research on discipline-specific approaches to writing and communication in departments / programs at other higher education institutions
  • Design and conduct a series of department-based professional development activities focused on writing, critical thinking and active learning

Last Modified: June 2, 2022