The WID Writing Fellowship culminates with a “graduation” workshop. See below for our past Fellows workshops, plus other workshops we’ve given in the last few years.

Rethinking Community In and Out of the Classroom

Dawson, January 2023. Graduation workshop for Winter 2022 Fellows cohort.

How can we foster meaningful relationship-building to support student learning? Join the Writing in the Disciplines 2022 Fellows for a show-and-tell workshop on four strategies for building community within and beyond the classroom: group work, grading and feedback, translingualism, and real-world partnerships. Presenters: Sara Louise Kendall (Geography), Ivan Freud (Religion), Noah Brender (Humanities), Kasia Wolfson (Anthropology), Ahmad Banki (Economics).

 Rethinking Community Workshop

Rethinking Community One-Pager

Empowering and Motivating Students Through Better Assignment Design

Dawson PED Day, Fall 2021. Graduation Workshop for Fall 2020 Fellows cohort

 In the video below, each Fellows shares one pedagogical tool developed along their WID journey. Topics include creating meaningful problems, writing in genres, self-reflections, and group projects. Participants should bring in one assignment to refresh. Presenters: Eliza Wood (Humanities), Catherine Braithwaite (History), Gisela Frias (Geography), Natalie Olanick (Fine Arts), Elliot Kerr (Sociology).



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