Past Workshops

The WID Writing Fellowship culminates with a “graduation” workshop. See below for our past Fellows workshops, plus other workshops we’ve given in the last few years.

Empowering and Motivating Students Through Better Assignment Design

Dawson PED Day, Fall 2021

This workshop was the culmination of the Fall 2020 Writing Fellows Program. In the video below, each Fellows shares one pedagogical tool developed along their WID journey. Topics include creating meaningful problems, writing in genres, self-reflections, and group projects. Participants should bring in one assignment to refresh.

The wind at your back: How to tap into students’ emotions to inspire deep learning

Dawson, Fall 2021

Learning is an emotional business. How students feel goes a long way in determining their level of success. This workshop presented research-based ways to tap into emotions that can motivate students, allow them to persist through the tough times, and give them a better chance to retain knowledge and skills.

Last Modified: June 23, 2022