David Baumflek, Poor Relations, ceramic, 2002

Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 15

Biennial 15 marks 30 years of Dawson Fine Arts Faculty members exhibiting their current art works at the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery. It continues this long tradition of investigating the relationship between art making and learning, as well as reflects on the history of the biennial.

All faculty—past and present—of the Fine Arts department will have images and texts in the catalogue which accompanies the exhibition. There will also be a sound component containing faculty’s responses to the question of how the biennial has played a role in the pedagogical innovations of Dawson’s reputed Fine Arts Department.

Participating artists: Claude Arseneault, David Baumflek, Amanda Beattie (written contribution), Joe Becker, Maria Chronopoulos, Rachel Echenberg, Antonietta Grassi, David Hall, Harlan Johnson, Julianna Joos, Lise-Hélène Larin, Naomi London, Natalie Olanick, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg, Kristi Ropeleski, Jackson Slattery, and Bahar Taheri.

Biennial Reflections
Edited by Sarah De Guzman, 8:53
Thanks to: Giuseppe Di Leo, Lorraine Simms, Michael Smith, Frank Mulvey, Natalie Olanick, and David Hall.

Former and current faculty members discuss how participating in the Biennial exhibitions influenced their practices.

Last Modified: February 12, 2024