Cassie Paine, Fountain, Image by OKPedersen

Cassie Paine: Pedestrian Values

Pedestrian Values reflects on economic shifts, labour patterns and development in post-industrial urban cities. Using metal fabrication, casting, and interventionist tactics to alter coded materials and infrastructure found in public space, the installations reveal underlying power structures in urban environments, critiquing capitalist value systems focused on profit and development, exposing how these ideals are built into our everyday environment.

The recurring banknote pattern from the board game, Monopoly, serves as an explicit critique of capital’s control over spatial relations that carries through the exhibition, adorning a traffic barrel, cast coins scattered across the floor of the gallery, and a construction privacy mesh.

(Cassie Paine)


Cassie Paine is a sculpture/installation artist and printmaker whose work reflects on the functional and authoritative role of tools and infrastructure within our society.  Based in Windsor, Ontario and Montreal, her work reflects on the economic precarity of post-industrial cities; investigating urban planning strategies, systems in place to control automotive and pedestrian traffic, and distinctions between public and private places.

Paine recently completed her MFA at Concordia University (2024) and holds a BFA with distinction from OCAD University (2018). She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions across Ontario and Quebec.  In addition to making, Paine is a passionate educator who has worked as an instructor at Concordia University, and Atelier La Coulée, a cooperative for metal welding and foundry arts.

Last Modified: April 12, 2024