Exhibition Poster


After almost two years, Dawson’s Fine Arts Department’s 2020 Visual Arts Graduates are pleased to present how their practices have flourished and prospered, while staying true to their understanding of eudaimonia.* Twenty artists present work in media ranging from digital photography to sculpture, painting, drawing, and video. They include: Crawford Bennett-Diaz, Marie Soleil Bourgault, Russell De La Calzada-Calugay, Roxanne Caritey, Ashlea Chambers, Chloe Coyne, Camilla Depta, Ariane Duplessis, Daniela Franco, Baz Lifson, Gianna Lopez, Erin Mahar, Macarena Molano Uribe, Justine Moyen, Chloe Ohana, Piper Pinkerton-Kock, Cissy Shi, Paige Sotiropoulos, Mathilda Stewart, and Hannah Tooktoo.

* Aristotle utilized eudaimonia as the term for the highest human good, an objective standard of ‘happiness’ based on what it means to live a human life well.

Last Modified: January 26, 2022