Gaëlle Packwood, Vague 2023, photo: Barbara Santolalla

Expo 24: Visions Unveiled

Following the path of a two-year intensive Visual Arts program is not an easy task. Students are asked to be vulnerable, to open themselves up, to do things they have never done before. They are challenged and pushed to their creative limits. All their hard work, talent and ambition have culminated into Expo 24: Visions Unveiled, a thoughtful, inspiring, and creative exhibition.

Exhibiting students:  Chloé Amblard, Leo Anderson-Aubin, Maya Aupin, Orly Benyaminov, Isa Bernales, Carolanne Blais, Olivia Bourque, Catherine Buckley, Emma Chaaban, Emy Croteau, Simone Deschênes, Sofiane Dupuis, Aïyana Faye-Giard, Hailey Gardner, Dinesa Ghosh, Keana Hétu, Zihao Ji, E.A. Jonker, Sophie Katsaros, Katerina Kieran, Costa Labos, Coralie Lafontaine, Yan Li, Lisseth Llorente Ruiz, Pasa Mangiok, Alice Martin, Lili-Charlotte Mayer, Claudia Montero-Stark, Vorob Nerobyeyeva, Doan Khanh Vy Nguyen, Lauren Novek, Iféoma Okoli, Gaëlle Packwood, Emmanuel Pérez, Sophia Pizzi, Jasmine Plante, Wooseong Pyon, Yiming Qi, Maxim Riendeau, River Roberts, Carla Rodriguez, Barbara Santolalla, Brooke Simpson, Kayla Sivilla, Maya Work

Last Modified: May 23, 2024