Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 12

Curated by:
Dawson College's Faculty

25 years in the making, Dawson College’s Fine Arts Biennial more prominent than ever

The Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 12 runs March 24 to April 14 2016

Montreal, March 22 2016 – Dawson College’s Warren G. Flowers Gallery is pleased to host the Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 12, opening March 24 and on view until April 14 2016. The exhibition displays a uniquely broad range of contemporary practices and themes, from 22 leaders of Montreal’s art and academic circles. Meet the artists Thursday March 24 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Gallery.

“In 1992 Andres Manniste initiated the first Fine Arts Faculty Biennial exhibition at Dawson College. Mr. Manniste, a highly respected senior member of the faculty, was motivated by the desire to share with the Dawson College community the rich and varied visual arts practices of the department”, recounts David Hall, Chairperson of Dawson College’s Fine Arts Department. “Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the past, and to the support of the College, we now present the twelfth edition of the Biennial. By way of the recently enlarged gallery space, it is more prominent than ever.”

“As the structures that we work within continue to grow and nurture our abilities to celebrate art and creativity in all their manifest forms, so too does the Biennial remind us that we cannot rest on our past accomplishments”, writes Andréa C. Cole, Dean of Creative and Applied Arts, in the exhibition catalogue. “We must look up and forward, striving for the heights of that next achievement, however challenging and far away the pinnacle may seem.”

After nearly 25 years, the Biennial continues to surprise, delight, and raise eyebrows. Works in traditional media often address current affairs while those in new media explore timeless themes. “Tradition marries with revolt, and that is where members of the Fine Arts Department at Dawson College feel most at home”, says Frank Mulvey, exhibition coordinator.

Boiler Room, 2014
Rachel Echenberg
Digital print on archival rag paper
51 cm x 91.5 cm
Images available. Catalogue available.

Featured artists:
Claude Arseneault, Catherine Young Bates, Amanda Beattie, Rachel Echenberg, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg, Antonietta Grassi, David Hall, Harlan Johnson, Julianna Joos, Lise-Hélène Larin, Giuseppe Di Leo, Naomi London, Murray MacDonald, Andres Manniste, Lynn Millette, Gilles Morissette, Frank Mulvey, Natalie Olanick, Allan Pringle, Kristi Ropeleski, Lorraine Simms, Michael Smith

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