Images: Jade Whitebean (above) and Shayla Etienne (below)

Living Perspectives

Curated by:
Amanda Lickers

Dawson College’s Journey’s Program proudly presents Living Perspectives, an exhibition of selected works from 20 Indigenous students highlighting their research-creation findings through photography, painting, digital illustration, leather making and other art forms.  From photo-documenting the urban moose hide tanning process, to building narrative sovereignty through visual storytelling, and completing the hands-on practice of making fish skin leather, these emerging Indigenous creative’s are cracking open the colonial pavement.

Featuring Works by: Phylicia Benjamin, Megan Bosum, Julia Clement, Natasha Doolan, Shayla Etienne, Destinee Hester, Shevaun Jacobs, Phoenix Lahache, Shaylene Louttit-Rupert, Wes Masty Roussel, Melissa Matoush, Stacey Matoush, Zye Mayo-McComber, Demma Montour-Diabo, Lauri Mulucto,  Mark Neacappo, Shirleyann Rabbitskin, Faith Shecapio, Tapisa Tulugak, Kiva Williams, and Jade Whitebean.

Last Modified: May 6, 2024