Michelle Andrews, 2023

Scintilla, Dawson Professional Photography 5th Semester Student Exhibition

Dawson’s Department of Photography is proud to present Scintilla, the selected work of  students nearing the end of their three-year program.  Part of their preparation, and requirement to graduate, this exhibition showcases the breadth and depth of their acquired skills, as well as the variety and dynamism of the program which nurtured them.  Included is the work of:  Ruth Aibangbe, Mario Al Khoury, Michelle Andrews, Adriana Balaban, Nina Binetti, Joshua Bubis, Elizabeth Charlton-Febrile, Oriette Constantineau, Laurence Dyotte, Gustavo Gallegos, Jamie Gianfelice, Grace Kennedy, Tommy-Paul Keo, Taylor Kirby, Katherina Kunanec, Samson Marthet, Ekaterina Nurova, Robin, Bahareh Rafati, Marjan Safari, and Sofia Terrigno.

Last Modified: December 20, 2023