Program of study and Extra-curricular activities

Allied Van Lines

4 awards of $1000

Anyone majoring in logistics, as well as equivalent majors such as business, business operational management, and other like majors can apply for this scholarship. . As a company, we would like to offer your audience the opportunity to receive this scholarship in order to alleviate some of the financial burden that a college tuition presents.

North America Van Lines

North American Van Lines firmly believes in helping to improve the future of students since education is key in fostering our nation with skilled professionals for years to come and is offering 4 awards of $1000

All students majoring (or planning to major) in logistics, business, or management. More information about this scholarship can be found here

Foundation of Quebec Chartered Accountants Of Quebec

100 awards of $500

This program is intended for students registered in a CEGEP program leading to university studies in administration or accounting. Applicants must have completed at least one year of the program.

Fondation Desjardins

Montant variés

Permet à un grand nombre de jeunes d’accéder à des études techniques, professionnelles ou supérieures. Elle récompense l’excellence et encourage les étudiants à persévérer jusqu’à l’obtention du diplôme visé.

Bourse Fernand-Seguin

Up to 12,000. Stage and funds

For students pursuing scientific journalism, must write a research paper.

Les Bourses Méritas De L’OTPQ

6 awards of $500

For students who are studying in various technical programs students (excluding those in the 6th semester)and who are member of OTPQ ($25 registration fee).

Canadian Wildlife Federation – Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarships

Available for students studying in the field of conservation.

CMA (Chartered Management Accountant) Scholarship

30 awards of $500

These awards are to encourage outstanding students to pursue studies in management accounting. Students must be in their final year. Cegep student intending to register full-time in a Commerce (management or accounting) program at a Quebec university and a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

EnergyRates.Ca College Scholarship

One scholarship of $500.

All you have to do to be considered for the scholarship is write an essay in English or French, no more than 500 words in length, telling us where you see the future of the energy industry. You can talk about anything you want — green energy, oil politics, the continued use of nuclear power, your personal ideas and innovations — so long as it’s about energy in the world of tomorrow. What do you think people will be reading about in the news in a few years?

The deadline for the 2020 competition is January 31, 2020.

EFC Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship Program

4 awards of $1,000 for colleges, 4 awards of $1,000 for universities, plus many more corporate-sponsored awards of various amounts

All applicants must be Canadian citizens who have completed at least their first year of study; have maintained a minimum 70% average; be registered in a full-time, eligible post-secondary degree or diploma program.

Multiple awards available to full-time college or university students enrolled in the following program areas: Engineering (all subject specialties), Business Administration/Commerce, Engineering Technologies/Technician, Computer Science and Electrical Apprenticeship.

For corporate scholarship criteria, please see individual award descriptions online.
Information and a simple online application available at:

Communities in Bloom Foundation

2 awards of $1,000For students in horticulture programs.

A letter must be written indicating student’s interest in environmental or ornamental horticulture. Information available at :

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Visual Arts Grants

Multiple awards of up to $12,500

For non-commercial artists in the early stages of their careers who are working in representational style in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Must have already started or completed training in an established school of art and/or who can demonstrate a commitment to making art a lifelong career.

St. John Ambulance Bursary & Scholarship Awards Program for Nurses

3 awards for $1,000, 1 award for $500 for a part-time student

Available to volunteers who are members of St. John Ambulance Community Services programs. Candidates must be active members in good standing with St. John Ambulance and demonstrate academic achievement, leadership qualities, a commitment to high standards in their chosen careers and a dedication to upholding the ideals of the Order of St. John and to continue to serve their community through St. John Ambulance.

Canadian Nurses Foundation Scholarships

Multiple awards

Awards are for supporting Canadian Nurses engaged in higher education, research, home health-care and specialty certification; advocating dissemination and utilization of nursing knowledge.

Scouts Canada – Reginald K. Groome Scholarships

25 awards of varying amounts

For past and present members of Scouts Canada who demonstrate scouting history, involvement and achievement; leadership contributions to Scouting; community leadership and contributions outside of Scouting; scholastic achievements and attitude and aptitude. Applicants must be under 25 years old.

Retail as a Career Scholarship Program

25 x $1,000 awards + 1 award of $5,000

For full-time or part-time students entering or currently enrolled in a retail, business, or marketing related program at a Canadian post-secondary institution and who are working part-time or full-time in the retail industry.

Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan/Learning Matters Education Charity

6 awards of $2,500

For full time students entering or currently enrolled in post-secondary education who are able to demonstrate financial need, and one or more of community involvement, academic excellence, and career objectives which will make a positive contribution in Canadian society.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

Awards range from $250-$3,000

Active member of Boys & Girls Clubs.

Canadian Hospitality Foundation Scholarships

Total of $200,000 in awards

The Canadian Hospitality Industry is very proud to offer over $200,000 in scholarships for students wishing to pursue a career in the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industry across Canada annually. We are Canada’s largest industry-driven source of scholarships.

Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship

Award of $1,250

Enrolled in a program that leads to a career in the printing industry

CFIG National Scholarship

Varied amounts

Every year, with the help of our sponsors, CFIG awards scholarships to deserving students across Canada. Through our scholarship program, we encourage students to learn more about the endless career opportunities that the food industry has to offer in fields such as: Accounting – Advertising – Business Development – Category Management – Communications – Customer Service – Culinary Arts – Economics – Finance – Floral Design – Food Science – Food Service – Human Resources – Hospitality – IT Management – Marketing – Merchandising – Nutrition – Pharmacy – Produce Management – Product Innovations – Public Affairs/Relations – Sales – Store Design. Studies in food industry, marketing, business, hospitality, accounting, etc.

Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History

5 awards of $1,000

The Canadian War Museum is dedicated to the study of Canadian military history and the effects of war upon Canada and its people. The Museum also recognizes the need to assist students who plan to continue their studies in the field of history. The Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Awards have been instituted to support and encourage these students. Applicants must be entering university studies (prefer history); essay required.

Explore Five-Week French-Language Bursary Program

Award of $2,000

Participants in Explore receive a $2,000 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. The educational institution you will be attending receives the bursary directly. Bursaries are awarded by random selection, based on provincial and territorial allotments and institutional quotas. Every effort is made to accommodate first-time applicants.

Jump Canada Bursary

5 awards of $2,000

For those who are Equine Canada (EC) members in good standing  and Hold a Gold Equine Canada sport license.

Girl Guides of Canada Scholarships

Varied amounts

The National Scholarship Program is one of the ways that Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) recognizes Members who embody the Mission and Values of the organization. This program supports our “registered members” who continue in Guiding, while they pursue their education / training at a recognized post-secondary institution. All applications must be completed and returned to the National Office by mail or courier only. Members who have applied previously, but did not receive a scholarship, can re-apply. Registered member of Girl Guides enrolling in post-secondary.

Holstein Association of Canada

6 awards of $750

For students across Canada who have completed at least one year of university or college in agricultural studies and are returning within the calendar year.

Bourses Enterprise de L’OTPQ

4 awards of $1,000

For students in Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technologies, Electronics, Biomed Lab, Industrial Design, Computer Science Technology. Must become a member of the OTPQ – 25$ cost. Forms in 2E.15 or click here

World of Images Photo Contest

The CCDMD hands out $3,000 in prizes

The Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) holds an annual photography competition called World of Images. Reserved for students of the CEGEP network, the primary purpose of the competition is to encourage budding photographers and foster the production and sharing of high-quality works.

Prix du récit Radio-Canada

Critères : ouvert aux auteurs canadiens (citoyens ou résidents permanents), amateurs ou professionnels.

Longueur : courts récits (histoires vécues) inédits de 1200 mots minimum et de 1800 mots maximum. Pour comprendre la définition d’un récit dans le contexte de notre concours, visitez notre FAQ.

À gagner : 6000 $ offerts par le Conseil des arts du Canada, résidence d’écriture au Centre Banff en Alberta, publication dans le magazine Air Canada enRoute et sur Pour les finalistes : 1000 $ offerts par le Conseil des arts du Canada et publication sur

l’Association québécoise des transports (AQTr)

Chaque année, l’Association québécoise des transports (AQTr) offre aux étudiants des bourses qui permettent de récompenser leurs efforts en transport ou dans des domaines connexes. Il s’agit d’une excellente opportunité d’encourager et de favoriser la relève et de faciliter l’insertion des étudiants dans l’industrie des transports.

Trois bourses seront remises cette année : une au niveau du deuxième cycle (maîtrise et doctorat) d’un montant de 2 000 $, une au niveau du baccalauréat d’un montant de 2 000 $ et une au niveau collégial d’un montant de 1 000 $.

Zeqr Scholarship

Zeqr is an online knowledge sharing platform with sessions taking place in a  live and interactive class setting A scholarship of $1,000 will be  awarded awarded to any student who is currently attending or planning to  attend college or some form of higher education.

One  applicant will be chosen who best brings awareness about the changes in  education brought about by eLearning. The deadline to apply is December  15, 2017.

James Lee Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship of $5000

The scholarship is open to emerging creative talent from across Canada wanting to enter the advertising industry. Entrants must non-professional Canadian residents over the age of 16. All fields of creativity related to the advertising community will be considered (e.g. writers, art directors, film makers, recording artists, illustrators, digital artists, etc.).

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