Tips on how to win an award

Tips on how to become the recipient of an award or scholarship


Many students don’t apply for awards because they think that they don’t have a chance. If you meet the basic eligibility criteria, it is always worth applying.

Watch your spelling and grammar and write legibly

Complete your application with the seriousness that you would write an assignment or fill out a job application. Once completed, set the application aside and review it a little later. You can also ask a friend, teacher, or parent to take a look at it, or go to the Academic Skills Centre and ask them to go over your application with you.

Change your email address if necessary

Leave your creative email address for your friends and choose a basic email such as your name or initials to use on scholarship applications. This will also help when you are applying for jobs.

Do the research

While there are many scholarships available, you have to know where to look. Check the news items in Omnivox, search the web, and ask your friends, teachers, and parents if they have heard about any opportunities. You can also contact the Awards Office

Plan ahead

Even if you will not be going on to university right away, start your research early. Some awards have early application dates that you don’t want to miss. Also, planning ahead gives you the time to gather references or to make yourself a better candidate by becoming a volunteer or learning more about a subject.

Make sure your application is complete

Make sure your application is properly filled out and submitted with all the required supporting documents. If your application is incomplete or missing documents, your application will not be considered.

Keep an eye on the deadline

Late applications will not be accepted. Usually supporting documents have to be submitted at the same time as your application. Unless specifically stated that the deadline has been extended, don’t assume that an exception will be made.

Go to interviews on time, well-prepared, and dressed nicely

Like a job interview, you must dress neatly and professionally for an interview. Give yourself a little extra time to find the room and review your application. Missed interviews will not be rescheduled.

Think about your strengths

Take the time to think about your volunteer and work experience, your interests, passions, and abilities. Be ready to explain why you are a good candidate and go into the interview with a positive attitude.

Say thank you

After your interview, don’t forget to thank the selection committee members. If you receive an award, send a thank you note to the committee, organization, or donors. The thank-you note can be sent in the form of an email, a card, or a letter. These words of gratitude will be appreciated.

Last Modified: October 26, 2021