There are several ways in which you can get involved in Dawson College Awards and Scholarships.

Encourage A Student To Apply

If you know of an outstanding student who may meet the criteria of one of our application-based awards, please let them know. Well-deserving students may not know that these awards exist. See the awards being offered in the Student Awards section of the Award and Scholarships page.

Nominate A Student

There are several nomination-based awards and scholarships, meaning that students must be nominated, usually by faculty or staff (depending on the award), before moving on to the selection process.

The nomination process:

  • You nominate a student, during the nomination period. For more information or to nominate a student please click the NOMINATE button below.
  • We verify that your nominee meets the basic criteria of the award or scholarship.
  • We request a letter of intent from your nominee so that the awards selection committee formed for that award can get to know them a little more.
  • We send all the nominees’ information to the awards selection committee, who will then choose the recipient(s).

Participate In An Awards Selection Committee

We would love to have you participate in an awards recipient selection committee.
Every year the Awards Office needs up to 45 faculty and staff members to sit on the various selection committees that choose the recipients for our application-based and nomination-based awards.
This process requires only a few hours of your time, and is quite rewarding. If you are interested, please click the button below.

What is involved?

The deliberation period requires approximately 2-3 hours of your time, in total. You will be tasked with:

  • reading over the applications and reference letter(s) or letters of intent
  • determining which candidates you consider most fits the criteria of the award
  • coming to a consensus with the other committee members to decide upon a recipient
  • meeting with the top few candidates, if your committee so decides

When would these few hours take place?

  • Fall Semester Awards: the deliberation period will be in late October.
  • Winter Semester Awards: the deliberation period will be in late April.

For more information please email

Last Modified: January 25, 2023