Upcoming Workshops

Due to the Co-Vid 19 pandemic, Workshops have been transformed into Webinars. A complete list of upcoming webinars can be found on the homepage of the Faculty Hub.


The faculty Hub promotes evidence-based pedagogical practices that engage students and help to develop the Dawson Graduate Profile outcomes. Feedback from consultations with faculty and administration has enabled us to identify a number of themes of interest and importance. The events we offer, therefore, are generally associated with one of the following series:

  • Learning to Learn
  • Learning Technologies
  • Foundations of College Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Student-centred Teaching
  • New Faculty Integration
  • Special Topics

We aim to continue to offer pedagogical development that faculty find meaningful and enriching. If you have ideas you would like to discuss for future events, please contact Einat Idan from the Faculty Hub.

Last Modified: October 20, 2020