Catherine Fichten

Department of Psychology

Catherine Fichten earned her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from McGill University where she is also an Associate Professor. In addition to teaching at Dawson College and McGill, she works at the Jewish General Hospital in the Cognitive-Behaviour and Psychotherapy Research Unit.  She is the co-director of the Adaptech Research Network. Her research focuses on two areas; facilitating the postsecondary education of students with disabilities and sleep issues, including insomnia, sleep apnea, non-refreshing sleep, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Most recently, she was awarded funding from the FRQSC Reussite Scholaire program for the use of information technologies to help students with disabilities. She is the Principal Investigator of a three-year FRQNT grant on driving and sleep apnea, and a co-investigator on a Concordia led FRQSC team research grant for the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance.

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Contributions to Dawson’s Community

In addition to bringing a significant amount of research funding to the college, Catherine is the co-Director of the Adaptech Research Network which is a multidisciplinary funded research team based out of Dawson College.

Last Modified: June 15, 2016