CRC Robotics 2019

February 21st - 23rd, 2019

The Canadian Robotics Competition (CRC) is an annual event open to high schools and CEGEPS in the greater Montreal region. It is a multi-disciplinary event with the objective of building a robot, themed kiosk, website and short video. The 2018-2019 season will represent Dawson College’s ninth consecutive year participating. A growing number of students from various disciplines are attracted to it each year. Many have had prior exposure to the CRC in high school and have come to expect it as an option here at Dawson.


Project Update

Dawson’s 2018-2019 CRC team participated in every event and completed quite a successful season:
-3rd place in Design, Division 2
-3rd place in Video, Division 2
-2nd place in Construction, Division 2

The students formed sub-teams for each area of the competition (kiosk, robot, website, video, programming) and formed an action plan from kick-off (Nov. 5, 2018) to the competition date (Feb. 21 - 23, 2019). They held regular weekly meetings and work sessions during which the majority of the work on each competition element was completed (including during the Winter break!).

Last Modified: June 18, 2019