Liberal Arts Anthology 2017

May 11th, 2017

The Liberal Arts Anthology is an annual project culminating in the publication of essays, short stories, poems, photographs, drawings, etc. by 1st & 2nd year students in the program. The project is run entirely by students (planning, coordinating collaborators, editing, desktop publishing).

The theme of the anthology is different every year and reflects the diverse talents of each Liberal Arts cohort. An anthology is given to each student. After publication of the anthology, a formal launch event is organized for the students and program faculty to celebrate and distribute the publication.

Project Update

The 2017 Liberal Arts Anthology entitled “Metamorphoses” was completed and distributed in May 2017. Each year, the number of collaborators as well as the variety of contributions increases, and this year approximately 75 students and faculty members contributed to the project. Pride and a sense of accomplishment were evident at the very successful launch of the anthology which took place on May 11, 2017. During the launch, the winner of the annual Liberal Arts Poetry Prize (sponsored by Brick Books) was announced and presented with an award comprised of a set of the poetry books published by Brick Books during the past year. In addition, the winning poem was published in the Liberal Arts Anthology.

The annual publication of the Anthology continues to be a huge success and a tangible product of the wonderful collaboration between the first and second year cohorts of the program.

Last Modified: November 2, 2017