Dawson ScienceFest 2017

May 8th - 11th, 2017

The 3rd annual ScienceFest conference, to be held May 8th to May 11th 2017, is a dynamic student-centered conference at Dawson College that shares students’ knowledge, creativity and passion for learning science in a public forum and recognizes them for their efforts and achievements in 2016-2017. It foresees involvement from all disciplines in the program (as well as technical programs) and invites participation from the entire Dawson community.

Project Update

Approximately 150 students participated in ScienceFest 2017.  The week-long event was held primarily in the 5C corridor with a Poster Presentation running all week. Many students also gave oral presentations.  A full list of the participating students and projects were consolidated in a conference booklet ScienceFest-2017 Booklet

Awards were presented to the following students: 1- Outstanding Project – Individual: Arman Khachaturyan
2- Outstanding Project – Group/Demonstration: Juan Cheng Li, Luis Felipe Sanchez
3- Outstanding Talk: Madison Le Gallee
4- Career Award: Michael Slater Covenden (mech tech)
5- Science Keener: Christian Ivanov
6- Volunteer Award (2): Ingrid Matei, Julien Otis-Laperrière
7- Best French Poster: Luba Dube
8- French Poster Honorable mention: William Harris
9- Best Biology Poster (2): Jade Boutot, Ouiam Metfah, Olivia Roose & Marilou Binder, Ledia Bello, Hamila Hagh-Doust, Valentina Ceballos
10- Biology Poster honourable Mention (2): Maggie Blondeau, Nicholas Danopoulos, Alexandre Pham, Suthan Sinnathurai & Noah Abitbol, Sydney Wasserman, Aiyana Kaplan.

Last Modified: November 2, 2017