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Peer Tutoring information

Peer tutors are Dawson students who help with material for specific courses. A full list of courses is available on our WC Online scheduling system in Omnivox, but subject areas include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Reviewing high school Math & Science material (choose Remedial Activities for Secondary IV and V courses)
  • Social Science
  • Career Programs
  • Foreign languages (not English or French)

Tutoring for English courses is provided on consultation with an ASC Staff member; tutoring for French courses is provided by CLEO.

For study skills, time management, English language skills, or the English Exit Test, make an appointment with an ASC Staff member.

All ASC services are free to Dawson students.

Schedule time with a Peer Tutor

  • To make an online or in-person appointment with a Peer Tutor, log into Omnivox and click on WC Online under the Student Services heading on the left near the bottom of the menu.  Appointments can also be at the centre in 6.D2 (second floor of the library).
  • Follow the instructions to create an account using your Dawson email, if needed.
  • Select IN Person Peer Tutoring schedule to book an appointment with the tutor in person at the college OR ONLINE Peer Tutoring schedule to arrange the meeting online
  • Select the course you want from the menu at the top, choose an open block of time, and fill out your Appointment Form to make an appointment with a tutor.
  • You can schedule one appointment at a time, with a maximum of 2 hours of peer tutoring per week. Sessions can be scheduled for a maximum of 1 hour.
  • If the course you want does not currently have a peer tutor, use the “Send Message to Center” menu in WCOnline to send us your student ID and the course you need a tutor for.

Tutee’s responsibilities

  • To understand and complete course requirements
  • To take action to solve academic problems encountered in courses
  • To use the online scheduling system to reserve tutoring sessions
  • To attend the scheduled appointment prepared and on time, and remain for the duration of the tutorial
  • To show respectful and appropriate behaviour during tutoring sessions
  • To refrain from cheating, plagiarism, and other dishonest or deceptive behaviour
  • To participate in evaluations of the tutoring program when requested

Last Modified: March 22, 2022