DawsonAI + AI Launch Lab

Attention all #AI thrill seekers of the Dawson student body, we’ve got exciting news!

DawsonAI and AI Launch Lab are proud to announce an exciting opportunity for Dawson students to learn AI through hands-on workshops that take place on Saturdays this fall! This is your opportunity to start gaining the skills to become an AI master.

The 8-week program starts September 25th and is currently accepting registration — Dawson students get free access!

Note: Future opportunities to apply will be available in both Winter and Summer 2022.


Program Description:

Weeks 1 – 4: Build your AI skills and design your project solution

  • Through workshops covering a wide range of AI topics like data manipulation, fundamental machine learning models, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other advanced topics, you will have the opportunity to learn about AI and how to apply it.
  • During the Saturday sessions, you will meet the mandators and form a deeper understanding of the project that will help you start working on the project solution.
  • The AI specialists will help you learn how to work on an applied AI project and provide you with guidance on resources to explore while designing your solution.

Weeks 5 – 8: Develop your solutions, iterate, and present

  • Using your new AI skills and further independent research, you will work on implementing your solutions and improving them during those weeks
  • Along the way, you will have support from mandators and AI specialists to help guide you on exploring new tools and ideas. Your project peers will be there to offer their perspectives as well.
  • At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to compile what you worked on and present your work and learnings. You will leave with an amazing project for your portfolio!


Additional Information:


  • Workshops are given in English with a live French interpreter
  • All workshops are interactive and include Q&A sessions
  • Duration of each workshop is approx. 30 mins


Tentative Schedule*

Saturday, September 25th
1 Introduction to all projects
2 Introduction to Machine Learning
3 Python Crash Course
Saturday, October 2nd
1 Introduction to unsupervised learning algorithm
2 Intro to Reinforcement Learning (RL)
3 Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
4 Image/Video processing OpenCV
Saturday, October 9th
1 Data Manipulation and Visualization (60 minutes)
2 Reinforcement Learning Part 2
3 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Part 2
4 Image processing Part 2
Saturday, October 16th
1 Introduction to deep learning
2 LabelMe Annotation Tool
3 Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks

* Session schedule and modules are tentative and subject to change based on best enabling students in each project.


Dawson students get free access! Those who wish to apply will receive a code to have their registration fees waived.


Funded by the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, this training is specifically designed to provide CÉGEP students in Canada with work experience, mentoring, theoretical and practical courses, and a professional network.

The program is 8 weeks long and designed to expand your knowledge by refining your understanding of research development projects.

Why join?

  • Expand your data science portfolio and work on real projects
  • Tailor your experience and give yourself complete independence
  • Collaborate with others and get your AI projects going
  • Kickstart your career in AI, with professional mentorship

If you were wondering whether AI is everywhere, it is! The skills that you gain from AI training programs are applicable to almost any field and give you the opportunity to gain real experience.

This program aims to fill that gap by helping CÉGEP students. If you apply now, you are taking a step forward to get ahead in your industry.

Don’t miss your chance!


Register Now:
  • To which cohort do you wish to apply?
  • Enter the program you will be in at the time of your registration.
  • Max of 100 words.

Last Modified: September 7, 2021