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Protein Folding: An A.I. Teaching Module

By: Annie-Hélène Samson

Introduction Proteins are the pillars of life. From biological catalysts to...

Computer Science

How A.I. Magnifies Systemic Bias

By: Ellie Bodzay

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: How AI Magnifies Systemic Bias AI is...

Humanities, Philosophy

Teaching With and Around ChatGPT

By: Brian Redekopp

Introduction Open AI’s release of ChatGPT in November 2022 has thrown us,...


A.I. & Psychology

By: Caroline Chochol

Introduction To incorporate AI-related content into a psychology course, in...


Seeing is Not Believing: Visual Literacy in the Age of AI

By: Kasia Wolfson

Issues of image integrity, authenticity and truth have been present in...

Computer Science

Exploring Machine Learning on an Internet of Things Edge Cluster

By: Patricia Campbell

Instead of using the power of cloud computing to train ML models we use tiny...


AI and the Future of Spirituality

By: Daniel Goldsmith

In terms of AI's ever-increasing encroachment into our lives, an important...

Political Science

Algorithmic Policing

By: Michel Fournier-Simard

I developed pedagogical material on Algorithmic Policing that can be applied in...


Writing an Ai-Themed Story for Kids

By: Andrew Katz

This module provides information and tools to guide students in writing of...

Humanities, Philosophy

AI and Social Media Literacy

By: Sarah Allen

I introduced this teaching module in the context of my Fall 2021 Humanities,...


The Economics of AI

By: Ahmad Banki

The content of this portfolio can be incorporated in all economics courses at...

Computer Science

The Hazards of Using Big Data

By: Daniel Pomerantz

Despite (or maybe because of!) having a technical background, my goal for the...


Algorithmic Culture: Communication Theory + AI

By: Cheryl Simon

Algorithmic Culture, the project I undertook as an AI Teaching Fellow, involved...


Technology and Society

By: Jennifer Sigouin

This project consisted of developing pedagogical material on AI-related themes...

Political Science

Data Storytelling for the Environmental Movement

By: Vanessa Gordon

We have lots of data, and we’ve got lots of problems to solve. This course...

3D Animation & Computer Generated Imagery

Sprinkling AI into 3D Animation & CGI Courses

By: Charles Le Guen

AI-related pedagogy will, in time, likely be included in some way within all...


Concepts in AI Algorithms

By: Garry Ka Lok Chu

The materials found in this portfolio can be used in any Dawson Mathematics...


Science Fiction, AI, and Ethics

By: Gregory Polakoff

My goal for an AI-inspired version of the course was to explore a wide range of...

Robert Stephens
Humanities, Philosophy

Minds & Machines

By: Robert Stephens

​The materials here are ones I use for a College level Philosophy course...


Encountering The Other: AI Futures

By: Rebecca Million

In the new, AI-inspired version of the English course, I wanted to continue to...

Computer Science

Modules and Ideas for Computer Science Courses

By: Jaya Nilakantan

Here are some of the modules that I developed this past year to introduce...


Introduction to Data Science

By: Jonathon Sumner

The importance of data to the work of scientists and engineers can hardly be...


Artificial Intelligence & Culture

By: Jesse Hunter

In the fall of 2019, Myriam Rafla and I taught two sections of the Cincom...

Interactive Media Arts

AI from the Perspective of Media Archeology

By: Bérengère L. Marin-Dubuard

The following elements were presented in courses such as Interactive Arts –...


Introduction to Computers in Science and Engineering

By: Sameer Bhatnagar

Course 360-420 is a multi-disciplinary Science option called "Introduction to...

Computer Science

Python Programming for Science and Engineering Students

By: Laurent Ruhlmann

During the Fall semester of 2019, I introduced the Python programming language...

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