Computer Science

Python Programming for Science and Engineering Students

By Laurent Ruhlmann
Cohort 2019-2020

During the Fall semester of 2019, I introduced the Python programming language in the 360-420 course for Science students, which is a course offered jointly by the Physics and the Computer Science departments. This course leads to the Data Science phase of the class (see Jon Sumner’s portfolio). Feel free to contact me if you have an interest in introducing some programming skills in your class.


Presentations on AI that I Have Developed

Below are links to presentations aimed at demystifying the various area of AI. It seems vital to make sure that the fundamental blocks are identified for everybody to understand what is behind this term. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented me from delivering the presentation on facial recognition, but this area of AI remains very controversial, especially when states use it for different tasks.

AI Demystified (Presentation given during Dawson College’s Pedagogical Day on 15 January 2020).

Facial Recognition (Presentation that was supposed to be delivered during Dawson College’s AI Conference in April 2020; this event was canceled due to the lockdown).

To learn more about AI, here is the main AI programming libraries are listed here .


AI in the News

Here are some interesting and recent news about AI usage in society:

  • An AI bot has been developed to tell when Donald Trump is angry or lying.
  • An interesting misuse of AI has been reported regarding the AI app grading students for the GRE.