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IPE Projects

Learn more about previous and current IPE projects at Dawson College.

Current Projects

Adding to what we did previously, this year we are tackling more projects, including;

  1. Creating common medical cases across the 7 med tech and social service disciplines – funding from a 2-year ECQ grant
  2. Completing a 2-day workshop on medical simulation and the writing of simulation cases
  3. Examining branching scenario software and how it can be used in the context of IPE
  4. Implementing a Role Clarification in class activity between first year students across 4 disciplines
  5. Implementing an online forum for students within the med tech and social service programs to connect and support each other
  6. Examining the overlaps between the seven disciplines and extracting common program competencies.
  7. Working with the Learning Communities program to explore the common program competency of team functioning amongst the internship and fieldwork courses.

For more on what we are up to, please see the following link.


Previous Projects

Academic year 2018-2019

From an overlap activity centred on Role Clarification between Physiotherapy Technology and Social Service to a interdisciplinary field trip to the eastern townships, here is a look at what we did!

Last Modified: November 29, 2021