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Meet the Team

See who is working behind the scenes.

The following colleagues have been brainstorming, sharing, laughing, crying, and planning together, as a team. Our motto is the IPE project is a marathon and not a sprint. Like many marathons, there are great moments and moments where we need to walk.

Fall 2023 IPE team

  • Vittoria Fusco and Heidi Gumbley from Diagnostic Imaging
  • Sarah Bolivar from Nursing
  • John Battista from Radiation Oncology
  • Kieran Bradshaw and Jenny Mecksavanh from Medical Ultrasound Technology

Winter 2023 IPE team

  • John Battista from Radiation Oncology
  • Maria Lavoie from Diagnostic Imaging
  • Sharon Clegg from Physiotherapy Technology
  • Tim Miller from Physiotherapy Technology
  • Lucien Chiasson from Nursing
  • Penny Smith (Fall) and Danny Vescio (Winter) from Biomedical Laboratory Technology
  • Ania Stosiak (Fall) and Melanie Nash (Winter) from Medical Ultrasound Technology
  • David Spinner (Fall) and Marie-Eve Dufour (Winter) from Social Service

Last Modified: September 12, 2023