Research at Dawson College

Dawson College is home to an experienced and widely recognized group of researchers. In support of the College’s broader mission to contribute positively to our communities through knowledge and mobilization, the research office is committed to creating research opportunities that build communities, and contribute to social and economic development in Montreal and beyond.


Upcoming Research Grant Application Deadlines

Below are the direct links to the agency grant submission deadline page. Dawson’s internal deadline is at least seven (7) business days before the agency deadline. If you require translation services, be sure to allow for extra time. If you wish to submit a grant application for an opportunity not listed here, please get in touch with the Research Office.

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Annual Research Reports

We are proud to share the accomplishments of our researchers and their collaborators from many other institutions over the past years. They have made significant contributions to their disciplines and to their fields through their publications, presentations and involving students in their projects.

Annual Research Report 2017-2018

2016-2017 Annual Research Report

2015-2015 Annual Research Report

2014-2015 Annual Research Report


Last Modified: October 26, 2020