Scholars in Residence

The Scholars in Residence Program offers support to retired researchers by granting access to services that would otherwise be terminated upon their retirement. The program is aimed at researchers both with and without external funding, who wish to continue self-directed research that began at Dawson College.
The status of scholar in residence is a privilege accorded by the College and not a right, and is designed to give an institutional affiliation to non-clinical researchers or to clinical researchers who are affiliated with external groups.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • The applicant should have a record of active research in any discipline during his or her tenure at Dawson College, and be in good standing at the College
  • Dawson College must be mentioned as an affiliated institution in any publications or works stemming from research conducted while a Scholar in Residence
  • Research involving human subjects is subject to review by the Dawson Research Ethics Board
  • All research must be compliant with Dawson College policies, the Tri-Council Policy Statement TCPS2 (2014) and the Politique sur la conduite responsable en recherche des FRQ
  • Approval and renewal of the application is subject to assessment by the Academic Dean

Services Provided

  • Scholars in Residence will be granted the following privileges for a period of three years (renewable):
  • A letter affirming his or her status as Scholar in Residence fellowship signed by the Academic Dean
  • Dawson staff ID card
  • Access to Dawson’s library and inter-library loans
  • Support from Dawson to acquire a library card from the Bureau de cooperation interuniversitaire (BCI, formerly CREPUQ)
  • A Dawson email address
  • Access to a self-financed budget code for use at the Dawson Print Shop
  • Researchers may be granted access, upon request, to College facilities and equipment provided such facilities are available and their use is approved by the Academic Dean; insurance and liability will be taken into consideration.

Application Process

To apply for the program, please send the following documents to the Research Office in 4B.01-7 or by email to

  • A completed Scholars in Residence application form
  • An updated curriculum vitae that includes a list of publications and grants awarded
  • A maximum 1 page single-spaced statement of research, including a brief description of the candidate’s previous research work, broad overview of proposed research themes and brief justification of how Scholars in Residence status will be used.

These documents may be used in promotional materials and events by the Research Office. The candidate’s dossier will be reviewed by the Academic Dean.

To apply for the program, please complete the information below.


Last Modified: August 16, 2022