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January 2019

Social connections

Welcome to Academic Matters

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Academic Matters, a vehicle for sharing information between teachers, between sectors and between teachers and the services that support them by offering different perspectives and reflections on what can be learned from what we do here at Dawson.


Collaborating for Student Engagement

Examples of collaborative learning highlight not only collaboration between students, but also partnerships between faculty and staff at Dawson College.

email photo – Expanding Library Instruction to Enhance Information Literacy

Expanding Library Instruction to Enhance Information Literacy

Dawson’s librarians are adopting new approaches to help students engage more meaningfully with search tools and sources, while inviting faculty to collaborate more closely in the development of deeper learning opportunities.

email photo – Shedding light on peer instruction myDalite

Shedding Light on Peer Instruction – myDALITE

A web-based platform that allows teachers to support peer instruction uses technology and tools to take the pulse of a student’s understanding while stimulating exchanges between students.

Research Projects

Delve Into the Realm of Inclusion: A UDL Journey

Redesigning a French course to take into account the diversity of students in the classroom and minimize potential learning barriers while still maintaining the same expectations of student achievement: this is the realm of inclusion.

Pedagogical Strategies and Practices

The Case for Creative Assignments in the English Classroom

Seeking variety beyond the literary essay to teach English writing and critical thinking skills by encouraging the use of more creative types of writing.

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